In today's world, companies play an increasingly important part in society for the development and support of the economy - not only local, but also global.

Supporting solidarity projects in collaboration with an association such as Senzaconfini develops company and staff values of social responsibility. As well as putting your company on a higher ethical level, this also brings a number of advantages:
  • Tax deductions for donations.
  • Enhances Social Responsibility and awareness amongst staff.
  • Reinforces company values and identity. 
  • Increases motivation and team spirit of staff.
You can support Senzaconfini by:

Company Subscription

Donate a percentage of your company's profits to Senzaconfini - the best way to get involved in our projects.
Deduct this sum from your overall turnover when you make your tax return, up to a maximum of 10% of declared income. In Italy the ceiling for donations to non profit organizations (ONLUS) is € 70,000 in contributions, donations, or free gifts as per art. 14, comma 1 of law no. 80 passed on 14/05/2005.
Money donations can also be deduced, up to € 2,065.83, or 2% of declared income, as per art. 100, comma 2 letter h of law. 917/86.


You can sponsor one of the Senzaconfini's special events or products sold by us: calendars, exhibitions, concerts, shows, conferences, or training activities.

Christmas or Special Occasion Gifts

For Christmas or other special occasions you can transfer part of your company's budget for gifts to clients, suppliers and staff as a tax relief donation to Senzaconfini. This donation can be an extra gift, or take the place of traditional presents.

Senzaconfini will prepare a personalized letter to the receivers of your gift, outlining the company's commitment to social responsability with this gesture of solidarity.

Transfer of Assets

The transfer of assets to Senzaconfini by the company of goods or products that are "object of the company's activities" carries a series of further benefits:

  • Transfer of assets is not considered revenue up to 5% of the company's declared income.
  • The costs of production or purchase can be deducted in their entirety from IVA (VAT) as the items transferred are excluded from value added taxation. 
These tax reductions apply only to goods or products that work perfectly, but are imperfect or flawed and thus cannot be sold. These reductions are not applicable to pharmaceutical, or food products, nor to luxury goods.

Company Events

  • Organize fund raising amongst the staff of your company. 
  • Organize events to raise funds for Senzaconfini, such as sponsored walks, quiz nights, sale of home made products.
  • Collect funds with a collection box in the Company offices or premises. 
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