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1Centre for Professional Training

Las Pampas is a rural area in the district of Tomayquichua, Hunaco. Our training centre helps young people from the "Pillko Mozo Huasí" home, generally poor with little schooling, to work by training them in the field of metal working.
To do this, we have set up a Metal working laboratory with all the required machinery and instruments. This offers participants real work oppotunities and the chance of setting up their own small company. Carpentry courses are also provided.

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2Cloth making courses for residents of the “Pillko Mozo Huasi” home.

The success of the cloth making courses in San Sebastian de Quera prompted the director of the above home to request a similar project for the Las Pampas residents.
This project has been made available not only to those from this home, but also to young unqualified women wanting to make cloth and wool woven for clothing and other products, thus finding work in the local labour market.

These trainiing courses have two formats: beginner courses for those with no experience in making fabric and clothing, and an advanced level for those with some experience in weaving.

This provides an important work opportunity for all participants, and the chance of self employment through awareness courses.

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