A Project that continues to grow

This Medical Centre was opened 20 years ago, and since then, adding more modern equipment, instruments and updating the furnishings and available medicines has potentiated the Centre, to meet the ever increasing needs of the local population.

The Health and sanitary services of this centre are now provided to more than 30,000 people a year
With further contributions from Senzaconfini, a new Physiotherapy Centre has been created and a mobile medical centre setup.

The Medical Centre is made up of an Outpatients Clinic for:
  • Laboratory for medical analyses
  • Medical surgery equipped with ultrasound and electrocardiogram 
  • Gynaecology clinic
  • Dentists surgery
  • Pharmacy

The new Physiotherapy Centre

One wing of the outpatients clinic urgently required restructuring, and so this newly refurbished area was dedicated to meeting the growing need for physiotherapy, providing specialist training for medical staff and nurses, and the equipment necessary (infrared, magnotherapy, rehabilitation equipment) for physical trauma aftercare.   
Many of the malformations found in this area are due to the lack of proper treatment and equipment following physical traumas.




The Mobile Medical Centre

offers health care and assistance to the campesinos in remote and distant villages. The Healthcare is provided by the doctors from the Ermanno Artale Medical Centre, who periodically visit these villages with an ambulance fully equipped as a mobiel medical centre, where up to 50 patients can be seen and treated at one time.
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