The social situation in Cameroon induced us to concentrate our efforts on education as well as social assistance. 
48% of the population live below the minimum levle poverty: 1 dollar per day. Life expectancy at birth is the age of 50. 

The infantile mortality rate is 69 per thousand, but for children under the age of 5 the figure reaches 15.4%, 9% of which die within the first year of life. This makes a total of 86,000 children a year who die.

We give aid in Cameroon for the "Street Children" of this centre run by the nuns of the Sacri Cuori di Gesù e di Maria, who offer shelter and food to these abandoned children, as well as providing basic schooling and healthcare. 
Around 50 to 70 children from the surrounding area are taken care of every day, many of whom live on the streets because of their families' extreme poverty or parents sick with Aids. 
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