Reduce poverty and social inequality by guaranteeing the individual's right to good health and survival. For more than twenty years Senzaconfini ONLUS and NGO has been helping the underprivileged in South America with projects in the health and social areas, working side by side with the local population, to accompany, sustain and train them.
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"Every human being is guilty of all the good they've not done" Voltaire

senza confini logoweb yellowWho we are

Senzaconfini is a non profit organization (ONLUS) and non governative organization (NGO) which was legally founded in 2011, but has been operating in South America since 1994 with a network of volunteer operators and helpers. At present Senzaconfini is working in Perù, (Huanuco, Uchiza, San Sebastian de Quera, Las Pampas), in Colombia, (Cartagena e Sibatè), and in Cameroon, in Yaoundè. Find out more
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Our mission

Senzaconfini is dedicated to helping underprivileged populations through safeguarding health, offering training and self-help solutions to eliminate social and cultural inequality which hold back development.
We are active in Italy providing information, communication and education on helping developing countries, by providing training for national and international volunteers working in the countries we help. Find out more
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